Hydraulic Seals, Hose & Fittings

  • We carry an extensive range of seals in stock for many applications and different kinds of cylinders, pumps, and motors. While also being able to build your seal kits right away. Air drill cylinders seal kits for many drills are available in stock.
  • At mikes hydraulics, we can supply you with a seal kit for any application as we carry an extensive selection of hydraulic seals ; we are proud that we can supply our customers with affordable seal kits, most of the time being a fraction of the dealer’s price.
  • We carry a large selection of imperial and metric Pulsar fittings and hoses, and we crimp any required hose and fittings with high-quality parts and products.
  • We are distributor of Manuli hose & fittings including Metric, BSP, CAT and Flange type covering all heavy duty hose and fittings used in mining, construction and etc.