Custom Design & Fabrication

  • Power units
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Lift systems
  • Electric & electronic
  • Control systems
  • Hydraulic attachments

Thanks to our fully-loaded machine shop and fabrication equipment along with an experienced engineering team, we have developed a variety of hydraulic equipment and machinery to facilitate any hydraulic repair shop. The Nut buster is a hydraulic torque wrench designed and fabricated within our shop here in Canada. It is one of our top-notch products that are now selling worldwide. AHM-110 automatic honing machine is another unique piece of machinery that is designed and manufactured by Mike’s Hydraulic. The unique attribute of this honing machine is its adjustable stroke and length for the desired cycle.

Over the years, we’ve custom-designed and fabricated a wide variety of hydraulic equipment such as power units, hydraulic cylinders, lift systems, electric and electronic controllable systems in our shop. We also custom-design and fabricate different attachments for tractor, loader and backhoe such as grapple. If you have a specific need, our knowledgeable staff would work with you to realize your need and build you the custom-designed attachment accordingly. We also offer custom-made cylinders whether repairing your old hydraulic cylinder is not feasible, or you need a special cylinder. We guarantees that all products are durable, safe, easy to operate and service. Our machinery is designed and manufactured within our facility, to ensure the quality and accuracy of our final product, as well as the promptness in delivery.