Hydraulic Component Repair

  • Cylinder
  • Pump
  • Motor
  • Control valve
  • Drive
  • Accumulator  
We specialize in the rebuilding and repairing of all hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical components at our shop or on your premises.

For giant hydraulic cylinders, we have the most powerful hydraulic wrench on the market. Nutbuster comes with a disassembling table that is designed and fabricated in our shop. Nutbuster is now being exported to many countries all over the world. In our fully-loaded machine shop, we employ an automated honing machine, designed and manufactured in our shop, which hones inside of any size tube flawlessly.

The complexity of the job doesn’t matter to us as we are confident in our knowledge, experience and in-house capabilities. We repair hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and power units. We provide customers with the highest quality hydraulic component repair possible while keeping costs down and turnaround times minimal.

We developed our own unique testing equipment.  After any rebuilt, repair, or fabrication job, the component is put under pressure and tested for quality control purposes.