About Us

We are your hydraulic specialist in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. We service farmers, construction, oil and gas, mining and forestry industries all across the province with their hydraulic repair and needs. Troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of field and industrial hydraulic components, equipment and machinery is our area of expertise. We repair any hydraulic machinery and equipment regardless of its size and complexity.

We take pride in our job and are committed to providing quality service. We believe in timely turnaround repairs, minimizing valuable equipment downtime, and offer a competitive warranty.

We tripled in size over the past five years thanks to our loyal customers, and now with shops and offices located in both Saskatoon and Regina, we got your back almost all over the Prairie better than before.


Along with repair, we offer custom design of your hydraulic projects up to the highest standard and safety. Our competent team of designers and technicians will work with you hand in hand to ensure your satisfaction on the outcome. We build a variety of hydraulic machinery and test equipment. NutBuster is a powerful hydraulic wrench and a must have for any hydraulic shop, designed and built by Mike’s hydraulics’ knowledgeable technicians. It is now selling worldwide. Check us on Hydraulitechs.com.